Mavidon LemonPrep Skin Prep

Mavidon LemonPrep Skin Prep

Mavidon LemonPrep Skin Prep

LemonPrep Skin Prep Lotion improves your tracings, by lowering impedance and improving electrode attachment. The abrasive lotion improves conductivity by:

1. Removing the top layer of dried skin cells with natural pumice.
2. A citrus cleanser cleans the electrode site to ensure proper electrode attachement.


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MD0019-SUP single use cups 24 per pack Call For Price
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MD0019-T 4 oz tubes 3 per pack Call For Price

Recommended for use with collodion, paste, cream... etc. Excellent for both EEG, EKG and ECG electrodes. Gently apply LemonPrep to skin with Q-tip or gauze prior to electrode application and wipe down. Recommended for: EEG Monitoring Stress Test Holter Monitoring ECG Telemetry and much more See volume discounts