Ordering Questions

Thank you for considering NeuroSource Medical as your supplier for EMG, EEG, IONM and Sleep accessories. We promise to make switching to us a simple experience. To set you up as a new customer, simply call us at 905-624-5664 and arrange a new account. Once you have been setup with your new account, you will be able to access it online at any time. When you are logged in, you will be able to build a wish list of products that you normally order. You will also be able to see previous orders, and opt to duplicate these orders at your arranged pricing.

Liability and Warning

NeuroSource Medical is a distributing company only and is not responsible for any injury, infection, or other damage resulting from the use of any of the products that it sells or distributes. All supplies sold and distributed by NeuroSource Medical are to be used by professional medical staff who have been properly trained in the field of EMG, EEG, IONM or Sleep monitoring. Note that all lead wires with unprotected pins that are improperly connected to any power source is dangerous and can result in injury or death (as of May 29, 2000, the FDA ruled that electrodes using the 2mm pin connector may no longer be sold in the United States).  Please call us if you need advice in converting your old equipment to the new touch-proof connectors.

Medical Advisory Board Questions

What is the Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board is a group of Canadian Experts in the fields of EMG, EP, EEG and IONM who have agreed to review our products. 

IONM Questions

What is IONM?

 Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) or intraoperative neuromonitoring is the use of electrophysiological methods such as electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), and evoked potentials to monitor the functional integrity of certain neural structures (e.g., nerves, spinal cord and parts of the brain) during surgery. The purpose of IONM is to reduce the risk to the patient of iatrogenic damage to the nervous system, and/or to provide functional guidance to the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Is there a group or a person that I can contact to find out more about IONM?

You can call us at NeuroSource Medical and we can answer your questions.  Members  of the NSM staff have developed both IONM Capital equipment and IONM accessories and have monitored over 1000 surgeries.  NSM can also point you to IONM-specific individuals in your area.  We also have a great IONM society here in Canada, the Canadian Association of Neurophysiological Monitoring.  www.canm.ca/  They would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is there a difference between subdermal needles provided by the different manufacturers?

 Yes.  The other considerations when choosing a subdermal needle are;  the lead lengths for the different needles,  whether the needle is soldered or crimped onto the lead,  the use of individual needles or twisted pairs.  The twisted pair subdermal needle electrodes will reduce the unwanted ambient noise collected when monitoring EMG from a muscle.

What are the different modalities used in IONM?


Depending on the type of surgery, any combination of the following electrophysiologic modalities may be used:

EMG                        Electromyography

EEG                        Electroencephalography

SSEP                      Somatosensory Evoked Potentials

TCeMEP                Transcranial Electrical Motor Evoked Potentials

ABR                        Auditory Brainstem Response

VER                        Visual Evoked Response

TCDI                       Transcranial Doppler Imaging

and others…

EEG Questions

How do I apply the Spider EEG Electrodes to the patient?

To apply a Spider EEG Electrode, use the same method as any other cup electrode, but apply less paste/gel.  Apply only enough to completely fill the webbed area of the Spider EEG Electrode.  You can also use collodion to apply the Spider Electrode.

Does anyone use sub-dermal needles for EEG?

Sub-dermal needles are the standard of care when recording aEEG studies for neonates in Europe.     When doing cases in the Operating Room, needles can be an effective choice.  Please speak with infection control before considering sub-dermal electrodes.

Why are you selling sub-dermal needle electrodes?

Sub-dermal needles are not common in Canada. There are excellent arguments to be made for using sub-dermal needles. The impedances are excellent, it’s fast, and the recording integrity lasts for weeks.

Is a modified 10-20 system good for ICU recordings?

A modified 10-20 system will pick up acute brain changes, which is what you want when recording an ICU patient.  A standard 10-20 placement may be required for diagnosis.